NeuroFit Oklahoma

Advanced Neurofeedback

Recovery in Oklahoma is proud to offer NeuroFit, an advanced neurofeedback program. Neurofeedback is a proven method that actually helps train your brain for healthy functioning. The NeuroFit program uses state of the art EEG equipment, advanced software, and a normalized database to create a comprehensive brain map and training plan that addresses your individual needs.

Unlike traditional approaches that guess about what’s happening in the brain, our process provides a comparative look at the actual functioning of YOUR brain. You’ll know exactly which parts of your brain are overactive, under-active or which may be performing inefficiently. We can also provide information about which foods, nutrients or medications might be helping or hurting your brain’s ability to function.

Your training plan will include suggestions to improve daily habits, thinking patterns, and a review your diet and nutritional health. Taking care of your brain is the first and most critical step for a better life. NeuroFit gives you the tools to improve the functioning and efficiency of your most important tool, your brain.

Don’t settle for less. Our neurotherapists are fully licensed counselors in the state of Oklahoma and are either certified or pursuing certification through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). Some providers use cookie cutter treatment protocols that train one or two locations at a time. At NeuroFit, we have the ability to map and train hundreds of metrics simultaneously.

Following a comprehensive assessment, we will create a neurofeedback treatment protocol based on these factors:

  1. The emotional, psychological or behavioral symptoms of the patient
  2. The qEEG (brain assessment) of the patient
  3. Scientific publications and research on known deviations in resting state EEG
  4. Scientific evidence on the efficacy of neurofeedback for your individual problem

You can learn more about our process by clicking here or browse the website for more information.