NeuroFit Oklahoma

Neurofeedback at Recovery in Oklahoma

Recovery in Oklahoma is proud to introduce the NeuroFit neurofeedback program at Recovery in Oklahoma. Neurofeedback is a proven method that actually helps you train your brain for healthy functioning. The NeuroFit program uses state of the art 19-channel EEG equipment along with a normalized database to create a comprehensive brain map and training plan to address your individual needs.

Don’t settle for less. Some providers use cookie cutter treatment protocols that train one or two locations at a time. At NeuroFit, we have the ability to map and train up to 19 locations simultaneously. Following a comprehensive assessment, we will create a treatment protocol based on the following four factors:

  1. The emotional, psychological or behavioral symptoms of the patient
  2. The qEEG (brain assessment) of the patient
  3. Scientific publications and research on known deviations in resting state EEG
  4. Scientific evidence on the efficacy of neurofeedback for your individual problem

Please take a few minutes to watch this short video to learn more about neurofeedback.