Some insurance plans cover neurofeedback services but many do not. If you want to know about coverage before scheduling an assessment, you can contact  your insurance carrier to ask the following:

  1. Is the provider in my network and if not, do I have out-of-network benefits?
  2. Are the CPT service codes 90791 (initial evaluation) and 90876 (treatment sessions) covered?
  3. What is my deductible and/or copayment for those services?
  4. Would a referral from a PCP provide additional coverage?

Often, your insurance company will ask for a diagnosis code. We cannot provide a diagnosis until you have completed an assessment. If you have a previous or existing diagnosis, you may provide that.


Neurofeedback requires a commitment of time and money but the payoff can be dramatic. The costs are generally in line with the costs of other high-quality counseling services. We encourage participants to sign up for a core package of services at a reduced cost if paid in advance. Additional blocks of 10 or 20 sessions can be purchased at the rate determined by the original package.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

You may be able to use your health savings account to pay for Neurofeedback services.


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