Neurofeedback Locations

NeuroFit is a registered trademark of Recovery in Oklahoma. The NeuroFit name indicates adherence to high-quality industry standards and procedures. You can trust that a NeuroFit provider is utilizing state of the art equipment, software and methods to identify and address your specific needs. NeuroFit providers combine the latest advances in technology with evidence-based practices from psychotherapy.

Don’t be fooled by neurofeedback providers who aren’t transparent about their processes and methods or who don’t understand how to diagnose and treat your concerns. Demand the best. Demand NeuroFit.

Tulsa, OK

NeuroFit at Recovery in Oklahoma Tulsa is the original and largest NeuroFit provider. We offer competitive prices, financing options, fully licensed neurotherapists, and a convenient location near St. Francis Hospital and Interstate-44. If you live in Tulsa or the surrounding communities, NeuroFit at Recovery in Oklahoma Tulsa should be your first choice for neurofeedback services.

4835 S Fulton Ave, Suite 100, Tulsa OK 74135
Phone: 918-591-3071

Okmulgee, OK

NeuroFit at Recovery in Oklahoma in Okmulgee is the only neurofeedback provider in Okmulgee County. We offer competitive prices and a convenient location in downtown Okmulgee near the OSU-IT student housing. If you live in Okmulgee or the surrounding communities, come and visit NeuroFit at Recovery in Oklahoma.

114 N Grand Ave, Suite 512, Okmulgee, OK 74447
Phone: 918-777-3075

More Locations Coming Soon.

Call one of our existing locations or complete the contact form below to learn more about adding NeuroFit to your clinical practice. We have training and licensing options available for clinical providers in areas outside of Tulsa and Okmulgee.